About the Blue Lion Divers

Facilitating diving activities and social events for scuba divers.

Blue Lion Divers exists to provide a way for scuba divers interested in scuba diving to associate with each other and most importantly go diving together. Our membership is focused on Penn State/Nittany Diver alumni and State College area divers but anyone is welcome to be a part of our group.

Most of our diving is in the lakes and quarries of central and eastern Pennsylvania, but opportunities to travel to more interesting destinations exist as well.

If your interested in getting out and doing more diving, look at joining us!


Formed by Paul Rentschler in the spring of 2012, Blue Lion Divers started out as little more than a Facebook group. It's main goal was to provide a way for a group of friends to plan and coordinate scuba diving outings to local quarries.

In Fall 2012 policy changes at Penn State University left the State College community members and Penn State Alumni who use to be a part of the Penn State Nittany Divers without a dive club to call home. Blue Lion Divers stepped in to provide a new home to these great divers.

By the winter of 2012, the club expanded to include an email list and a temporary website with a complete list of planned events for 2013.

The name is borrowed from from a previous State College-based dive shop named Blue Lion SCUBA which was owned and operated by Ann Sullivan. Ann is a member of the club and is happy to see the name live on.

Paul Rentschler, Dive Facilitator

A resident of State College since 1996, Paul started out as an active diver and member of the Penn State Nittany Divers SCUBA club and currently serves as the club's instructor.

Paul earned his NAUI instructor certification in 2002 and has since taught hundreds of people to safely scuba dive.

His passion for sharing the underwater world with others is what lead him to create the Blue Lion Divers and actively oversee its operation.

If you have a question about the club or scuba diving, please contact him.